Dental Crowns in Mountain View, Wyoming

Restoring the function and appearance of your teeth after severe damage or decay is possible through the use of dental crowns. Patients often worry about needing an extraction after their tooth has been broken or has excessive decay. At Blacks Fork Dental, our primary goal is to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime! 


What is a Dental Crown? 

A dental crown is an artificial cap placed over a tooth to reinforce it when there isn’t enough solid structure left to keep it functional. There are various crown materials; most commonly we use ceramic or porcelain crowns to precisely restore your tooth in a natural-looking way. Crowns are stronger and last longer than fillings, keeping a weak tooth from breaking, and may also be used to conceal discolored or worn down teeth.


How do I get a Crown? 

We only recommend dental crowns to patients suffering from damage or decay. If your tooth needs a dental crown, the first step would be to meet with Dr. Irene at Blacks Fork Dental. We can perform an examination and consultation to determine whether or not you need a crown.


The actual treatment is quite simple and will rapidly help improve your dental problems. The goal is to permanently repair the damaged tooth by helping it regain its shape, strength, and appearance. During the procedure, Dr. Irene removes any cavity present in the tooth and gently shapes the tooth to ensure the tooth will be as strong as possible

At Blacks Fork Dental, we offer two options for dental crowns:

  • One-visit crown that is designed in our office by Dr. Irene. This type of crown uses computer design to digitally scan, fabricate, and mill your crown all in one appointment! Dr. Irene uses CEREC technology to customize a permanent crown to help protect the tooth long-term.
  • Two-visit crown that is made of the strongest material available by a dental laboratory. This type of crown uses impressions and stone models to fabricate your crown at a dental laboratory. Dr. Irene creates a temporary crown and places it over the shaped tooth while you wait for your new, permanent crown. We remove the temporary crown when the permanent crown arrives, and the new crown takes its place!

The procedures are relatively quick and straightforward, and we will have your new tooth to you in no time. 


Why Restore Your Smile with a Crown? 

  • Oral & Tooth Health: It may not seem like it, but when one tooth is suffering and is not addressed, it can affect the health of surrounding teeth. It’s an emergency waiting to happen! Restoring your smile with dental crowns will help permanently protect it against further damage and help avoid infection. 
  • Restore Function: When a tooth is damaged, most tend not to use that side of their mouth, and don’t eat hard, crunchy foods. The tooth hurts and is too fragile to eat with, and therefore it loses its function. Restoring the tooth’s shape will restore its function and then it can be used properly, once again. 
  • Durable: Dental crowns are made out of either ceramic or porcelain material. Both types of material create a solid and long-lasting dental crown that will handle the daily pressures put on the teeth.
  • Beautiful: Being made out of porcelain and ceramic material allows the crown to appear exactly as a natural tooth. The materials give off a pearly and shiny gloss that resembles natural teeth. In preparation for a crown, you work closely with Dr. Irene to choose the most esthetic shade of the crown. Your artificial tooth will match your smile perfectly! 


Blacks Fork Dental 

We want you to have a healthy, strong, and beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime! Restoring a damaged tooth with a dental crown will allow you to protect the tooth long-term. If you are interested in learning more regarding dental crowns and how they will help your smile specifically, please give our office a call at (307) 782-3630. One of our team members will gladly address any questions or concerns you may have.

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